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At The London J Agency, our ultimate goal is to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with services that will take their business and event from being ordinary to extraordinary thus creating a remarkable and memorable experience.

“Ordinary to Extraordinary” is more than a phrase, it’s our mantra. We believe in it to it’s entirety and we show proof by offering our clients with an innovative and creative approach to enhancing their vision and bringing it to life.

The London J. Agency offers an vast range of event logistics and management, social media marketing, and small business consulting services. Our primary focus is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop a solid business and marketing

strategy that supports their social media, event planning, and day to day business needs for their business.

The London J. Agency has services that are designed to fit the needs of any small business owner or entrepreneur. We work hands on with clients, who have a passion for their product or service and ready to excel to the next level in the stages of their business.

We understand that building an successful business is an strategic and rewarding process. The London J. Agency is here to help. Browse through our list of services and contact us today for quotes and rates.

  • London James
    London JamesCEO

    Meet London James. London is a small business, social media, and event planning strategist. London has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, minor in Business Information System. London has been assisting small business owners within the past 5 years on branding, event planning, social media strategy, product/service packaging, and product/service marketing. London has a background and experience in the fashion, event planning, and small business consultant.

    London has created and hosted over 20 social projects and themed events under the: Loving My Natural Self, Curves in the City Florida, and Sooo Chic Accessories project.

    The CEO and Founder of The London J. Agency and Sooo Chic Accessories, London conducts small business workshops and social media training classes on fashion, branding, client engagement and much more. As well as assisting small business owners in branding and staying relevant within their business industry during modern times.

    “The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.”

    Henry Ford

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